UNIV 101 Logo
Logo in blue, green, and turquoise rings with words in the center of the rings that say Let's Talk About Climate Change UNIV 102
Three rings in descending sizes starting with larger blue ring, dark gray middle ring and purple smaller ring. arches in grey lay in the middle of the three rings. Words are layered on top of the arches in the middle of the three rings and say Let's Talk about Digital You UNIV 103
logo of UNIV 104 course. Three circular rings surrounding the words What Works in Life UNIV104. Three overlapping arches behind words.

University Courses

1 theme. 14 weeks. Countless opportunities to discover how your academic interests connect to the most pressing challenges of our time.

Launched in Fall 2021, university courses at Duke offer gateway experiences to help undergraduates make sense of complex societal issues, while featuring the breadth of extraordinary scholarship and teachers we enjoy at Duke.

Topics like race and climate change raise multi-faceted and interrelated questions that call for engagement from multiple disciplinary perspectives.  As such, around a dozen scholars from across Duke are involved in each university course, and students will learn how diverse methods of scholarly inquiry and knowledge generation can be powerfully connected to nurture wisdom and solve problems.

Although the courses are specifically for undergraduates, faculty from all schools and all levels are encouraged to participate. No prerequisites are required, and students are encouraged to pursue further study of complementary topics after taking a university course.

Guest speakers, workshops, and events—which are open to the public and are often co-hosted by student organizations and academic partners from across Duke—showcase additional perspectives related to university course content and provide co-curricular avenues for community dialogue.