Students who enroll in UNIV 101: The Lived Experience of Race and Racism will have the opportunity to engage in guided learning activities to benefit from individuals and teams comprised of renowned researchers, master educators as well as respected social activists. Through large and small group interactions, learners will engage with community members, university faculty, graduate students and undergraduates from Duke University and North Carolina Central University to gain new knowledge, have candid conversations, build relationships, and collectively envision and devise strategies for a better future as pertains to race and racism.

Students will:

  • Learn how and why lived experiences associated with race and racism should be incorporated into considerations of the concepts.
  • Learn to identify and evaluate how and why diverse racialized groups construct different narratives about race and racism.
  • Learn how to engage in well-informed, and honest yet respectful discussions and other forms of communication about race and racism.
  • Learn to assemble and work collaboratively with diverse teams comprised of community and university partners to identify and address the most salient issues confronting racially minoritized populations.
  • Practice working towards developing actionable steps to disrupt the reliable reproduction of racialized social inequalities.

Course Schedule

Our class meets every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the Spring semester


Schedule to be finalized soon…


Schedule to be finalized soon…

Course Outline

Spring 2024 course outline will be updated soon.