Category: Sociology

Sociology of Racism in America

Eduardo de Silva or Tyson Haywood Brown
Fall 2019

Examines social history of major racial groups in the US and relationships to contemporary standing. Discusses central concepts sociologists use to analyze racial matters. Central theme: “racism” is not mere “prejudice,” “ignorance,” or “intolerance,” but a comprehensive historical system of racial domination organized around the logic of white supremacy. Discussion of “whiteness” in the USA—how whiteness emerged as a social category, an identity based on experiences of variety of European “peoples;” how it dominated the racial structure of the US since the 17th century, how wealth has been distributed along racial lines, racialization of Asians and Latinos, and color blind racism.

Refugees, Rights, Resettlement

Suzanne Shanahan
Fall 2019

35 million refugees and internally displaced persons in the world. A comparative historical overview of international refugee policy and law dealing with this growing population. Students will grapple with the ethical challenges posed by humanitarian intervention on behalf of refugees and the often unintended consequences of such policies. Students examine case studies to determine how different models for dealing with refugee resettlement affect the life chances of refugees. Service-learning course. Students will work with refugees from Bhutan, Burma and Iraq recently resettled in Durham.

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